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Bullitt Bluebird ‘71:

Shimano Alfine 8-Speed internal gear hub.
Optional Deck and color-keyed cargo sides. $4300

Bullitt Classic:

Shimano Deore 27-Speed.
Optional Deck. $3700



How Can You Use Cargo Bikes

Cargo bikes are built to carry a bunch more than your typical bike. Stronger frames intended for heavy hauling mean you can load them to the hilt knowing they are up to the task. Keeping the load low means that you maintain a reasonable center of gravity and the dynamics of the bike stay bike like. This makes a cargo bike great to ride, despite the burden of heavy items.

Cargo bikes are up to a variety of tasks and can make your life easier and more enjoyable, whether you’re in need of a logistical solution or a more fun way to fetch groceries.

Fill bike with stuff. Ride bike with gusto. Enjoy.


In Your Neighborhood

Cargo bikes can go places a car can’t. Cargo bikes can park in places where others get towed. They look rad and they’re fun to ride. That park between you and the gig becomes the scenic route and the expressway all at the same time. Cruise through your hood like a champion and wave to your fans.



In Your Small Business

Small business is big fun with cargo bike. Save money, save time and save the future with every pedal stroke. A cargo bike is a rolling billboard and a logistical wunderkind wrapped in one. You can deliver the goods and good impressions all at once.



In Your Home

Kids, groceries, playground, beach, farmers market, restaurant, work, weekends, dogs, firewood, fireworks and whatever. One cargo bike can do everything your car did and your Long Haul Trucker wished it could. Only more fun. Commit already.



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Conversation with the Naked Cowboy


How much can you carry?

The weight capacity of the Bullitt is 400 lbs. Add a trailer and you can double that figure. What you are comfortable hauling is the real question. Build confidence. Start small.

Are cargo bikes hard to ride?

Only if you don’t try. Seriously, cargo bikes have a learning curve for an already confident rider. A larger turning radius require that you remap your steering inputs. First timers: slam your seat and make sure you can connect sneaker to blacktop easily. When turning take your feet off the pedals and use your legs to stabilize the bike. Industry secret: throttle activated electricassist systems can make easy work out of novicedom.

Are they hard to pedal?

Only if they are heavily loaded and you’re riding up a bigger hill. If you plan to use a cargo bike a where the terrain ain’t flat, consider electric assist. If you aren’t hauling big stuff up big hills, the Bullitt is surprisingly easy to pedal.

How much does a cargo bike weigh?

At just over 50 lbs (standard trim), the Bullitt is a featherweight in the cargo bike world. And it compares favorably to an 1950 Schwinn B6 at 59 lbs.


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